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Use Compost Tea Ice Cubes to Water Houseplants

How to Make Compost Tea Ice Cubes

Some houseplants can be a pain to water, especially those in hanging baskets that are kind of hard to reach. The result can be quite a mess if you’re not careful. Rather than dragging a stepladder along every time you water, just toss a couple of ice cubes up into the basket. They’ll slowly melt and water the plant with a minimum of hassle.

If you really want to get creative, make some ice cubes out of compost tea to provide your plants with an organic fertilizer and water at the same time. Just remember to label these clearly in your freezer!


It really is as simple as pouring your compost tea in ice cube trays and freezing it. If you are using compost tea ice cubes regularly to water, try adding water to dilute the tea. Get ahead with production and as you make the ice cubes. Dump them out into a freezer bag or freezer container so you always have them available.

If you are new to compost tea, here’s some guidance on making your own:

Making compost tea can sometimes appear complex. You can buy kits for compost tea brewing if you plan on making a lot of compost tea, or use it regularly.

We like this steeping method below in the video, mainly because it’s easy. It’s a simple way to make it and you can do this in a large container or a five gallon bucket with a few handfuls of compost.

If you don’t compost or live where it is tough to compost, try buying the compost tea bags like these on Bu’s Best Biodynamic Compost Tomato Tea. This is a clean way to make compost tea even in your kitchen.

Compost Tea Bags


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