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If you own a garden and you proudly grow your own plants, you will completely agree that once you buy your first plant, you just can’t stop more and more.

House plants can grow on you like pets. You can’t leave the house for more than a few days without giving the key to your neighbor or friend to check on your plants.


Or you consider plants just like your own kids. You look after them, keep them away from danger, and if you see one of your collection dead you feel depressed and sad.

Then, you keep asking why your plants get lifeless after some time, even though you took the best care for them.

It seems you are doing something wrong, and the plant dying is the way it’s telling you there is something you do that’s not right. Unlike kids and pets that can tell or bark when something is wrong, plants only flourish and die.

So, how to tell if your plants are dying? It’s simple. You need to water them, leave them under the proper temperature, constantly check if you need to take away flowers or dry leaves.

You did all of this, and still your plants are dying? Well, what might be the problem?

The biggest problem lies in over-watering. When you water your plants you forget that overwatering can be as dangerous, as not watering plants at all. Don’t put extra water when going on vacation, because you think you need to satisfy their needs while you’re gone. Just ask someone else to water your plants regularly and that’s it. This will help you avoid over watering.The problem with over-watering is that your soil becomes soggy and unable to get oxygen to the roots and that’s why plants die.

In order to avoid this, we will show you an amazing ice cube trick that not only will not only make your garden better, but it will make you happier than ever. Try it and prevent your plants from dying.

Add some ice cubes from your refrigerator, and your plants will receive enough water all the time. While the ice cubes are melting, it gives the soil time to absorb the water and prevent your plants from dying.


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