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Secrets of care for orchids. How to transform one plant to 100

Orchid is a very beautiful flower that requires careful maintenance. However, there is one secret that will help turn your house into a real greenhouse of orchids. We reveal the secret how to turn one flower in 100. From now you’ll be all year round to enjoy the beauty of this flower in my house!

First you need to improve root growth

Buy sphagnum moss in a flower shop. Soak it in water. Form a little ball of moss and strap it to the bottom of germ of the flower.

Then wrap the moss in the polyethylene film. Every day, remove the film for about an hour, and spray the moss with water. After 9-11 days you will notice the germ roots. Replant the germ when you see more than 3 roots.



Cut the stem of the bloomed orchid. Stepping centimeter cut cuttings of 10-12 cm. Plant them in pots for orchids with a special hole in the bottom. At the bottom of the pot, pour a little sand and lay moss. Water the soil cuttings and land them at a distance of 3 cm from each other. Pots cover with the film. Every day, remove the foil for 20-25 minutes and moisten the soil. You have to arrange the daily temperature drop, decreasing its nightly at 4 ° C. After about 4 months you need to land plants in individual pots.

After 5-7 days, do not forget to fertilize after watering flowers.

Soon you will enjoy a beautiful conservatory in your home! It’s not too difficult, and even an orchid can be “reined in”!

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