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This Man Built An Amazing House In A 700-Year-Old Cave

You`ve seen many incredible alternative building and living spaces, all of them innovative and beautiful, some in the form of earthship, others like tiny homes. People are trying to get away from the traditional way of living and this is how they express their creativity.

But none of us has seen such an incredible living space like the house of Angelo Mastropietro, ex-manager of a recruitment company in Australia.3006978800000578-3393916-image-a-4-1452518525797-759x500

10 years ago he had to take a refuge in a cave, running away from a rainstorm. So he decided to buy the 700-year-old cave, located in Worcestershire, UK. So he immediately started with renovation, cutting, breaking and burrowing the stone walls to make a home. This would be the dream house of any fan of “Lord of the rings”.

This 38-year-old man spent around 160,000 pounds and 1000 work hours to build the house, which has luxuries like fireplace, heated towel rack and even a rainfall shower!

The story gets even more amazing: in 2007, -Angelo was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, so he was left completely paralyzed. This made him realize the importance of indulging in beautiful things, things which make us healthy, happy and fulfilled. He purchased the cave in that period, which is carved into a sandstone cliff 250 million years old. Here is a short video of the amazing house, by Barcroft TV:

Despite the fact that the house is simply gorgeous, it also shows us the numerous alternative options we have for housing. We can`t all buy caves and transform them into living space, but we don`t really need to live in overprices skyscrapers or apartment smaller than a shoe box.

If more people start alternative structure, it can easily become a trend.

Angelo, and many others, took a reactive, not proactive approach regarding his health condition.  Our busy everyday life doesn`t let us see the warning signs our body is trying to give, to show that something wrong is happening.

We wait until some serious illness takes hold of us, to say Stop to all of it and turn around our lives. Don`t wait, this is the moment to value and take care of your health and well-being. Take the steering wheel in your hands, be more proactive, use your good health to do things that make you happy.



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