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15 abandoned warehouses that were transformed into totally habitable homes

Putting the house back in warehouse.

With a rooftop deck and exposed kitchen.

converted warehouse homePhoto: imgur

Located in Sydney, Australia. More photos here.

And this warehouse-loft conversion in San Francisco.

warehouse loft conversionPhoto: Edmonds and Lee Architects

As the designers explain on their website, in order to maximize space “traditional notions of domestic privacy were abandoned.” Hooray for 20-foot window walls!

Or this spacious Tribeca warehouse apartment with a sunken rooftop solarium.

Tribeca warehouse conversionwarehouse tribeca homePhoto: Andrew Franz Architect

And this airy abode across the river in New Jersey.

new jersey warehouse conversionnew jersey warehouse conversion 2Photos: bryanbuilds

This rustic bar-inspired dwelling.

converted warehouse home 2Photo: imgur

Or this one with a modern kitchen.

exposed brick warehousePhoto: imgur

This white warehouse home with impossibly tall ceilings.

barcelona wharehouse conversionPhoto: homedsgn

This former storeroom turned single-family home in London.

london converted warehouselondo warehouse conversionPhotos: Chris Dyson Architects

Located in the city’s Shoreditch neighbourhood.

And this flat, which is also in London.

london warehouse conversionPhoto: imgur

It rents for about $740 USD per week, according to former tenant and Reddit user meeb.

Here too, where old meets new.

london converted warehouse homePhoto: imgur

Yep, also in London.

This expansive home in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.

minnesota warehouse conversion 2minnesota warehouse conversionPhoto: homeadverts

This lofty loft space.

warehouse loft conversionPhoto: imgur

This cozy Chicago apartment.

chicago converted warehousePhoto: imgur

This home that was a Lucky Strike warehouse in the 1930s.

warehouse conversionPhoto: imgur

Located in the Mission district of San Francisco.

And this open-concept warehouse condo.

white warehouse apartment


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