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How to preserve beauty after thirty?

This question is on the issue of the day of any woman and we are obsessed with this idea.
Obviously, it is crucial for every woman to be beautiful regardless of the age. That’s why this
problem is so propagated in the word. Hundreds of books are written, thousands of articles are
posted. They are all aimed at helping women to stay young and beautiful whatever the cost.
Unfortunately, after thirty our body is no longer so beautiful and flexible as it was before so you
should follow certain tips to preserve what you have.
1) The reason of aging is covered in conscious. If you are packed with the thoughts
that your life is over, there won’t happy moments and your chances to find the couple are
decreased, you program your body to age faster. There is no need to become desperate
housewife. Your life is only about to start because you are a strong, beautiful and self-confident
2) Proper rest is necessary. As far as you know, when we were young we could sleep
only four hours overnight and woke up fresh to go to school, at the university or at work.
However, know, lack of sleep, hangover or other activities more applied to the younger
generation can strongly influence your body. That’s why you need to have a good sleep, at least
eight hours to feel well in the morning.
3) Diet. When we were young we could it only once a day or eat something
unhealthy like junk food etc. This life should leave behind since such food can cause multiple
nutrition problems. That’s why you need to carefully observe the level of cholesterin and sugar
in your blood because the consequences would be inevitable or even lethal.
4) Do not complain! This is the main feature of old people. They complain literally
about everything and if you start arguing with your family members or friends about the things
that made no difference for you, it might seem that you start aging. We can’t let that happen.
5) Relations in the family. It is rather difficult but you should try to show your
husband that regardless of the years passed, you love him as much as it was ten years ago.
Family problems also harmfully influence our health and increase the level of aging. By the way,
it is a scientific fact that good and regular sexual relationships improves the general condition of
our body and stops the process of aging.
6) Keep socializing with friends. It will be far less crazy like it was even three years
ago but regular communication with your friends will help you feel better and younger. It is also
beneficial for our body since, without any physical activity, our body put on weight.
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